Top 5 Facebook Ads Spy tool Review + Why Adspy is No.1 Ads Spy Tool?

Top 5 Best Ad Spy Tools & Why AdSpy is the No.1 Spy Tool?

Social media is at the center of digital ads these days. With so many ads on display it is difficult to come up with a new ad concept. The good news is, you do not have to. With a good spy tool, you can simply copy what industry leaders are doing and reap from their innovative ideas. 

Today we will discuss the top 5 best ad spy tools in the biz. Also, we will reveal why AdSpy is the No.1 Spy tool and later reward you with an amazing $150 AdSpy Coupon. Use code MEGADSPY now!

What are Spy Tools?

Spy Tools are revolutionary software that allows you to spy on your competitor’s ad campaigns and determine what they do to make sales. 

In essence, Spy Tools have changed the digital marketing arena so much that no one researches any more. 

When you have a good Spy tool, you can simply snoop and then copy what all your successful competitors are doing down to the landing pages, graphics and redirects.

I am about to show you why AdSpy is the No.1 Spy tool in the world. After we are done, I will award you an AdSpy Coupon. This AdSpy Coupon is your ticket to the best AdSpy pricing in the market.

Which are the Top 5 Best Ad Spy Tools?

The top 5 Best Ad Spy Tools are:

  1. AdSpy
  2. Semrush
  3. AdSector
  4. SpyFu
  5. Social Ad Scout

Obviously, AdSpy is number one on our list. And this is our focus today; why AdSpy is the No.1 Spy Tool.

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Why AdSpy is the No.1 Spy Tool

Here is why AdSpy is the No.1 Spy tool.

1. Largest Searchable Database

AdSpy has the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram Ads in the world. In fact, AdSpy displays over 89 million ads from 14 million+ advertisers spanning 203 countries. If there is any ad that you need to see, AdSpy will display it.

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2. Social Media Coverage

We all know that social media is the backbone of digital marketing. AdSpy displays ads from the two major social media platforms; Facebook and Instagram. From these ads, you can acquire actionable intel on how to run your own ad FB and IG ads successfully.

3. For Affiliates by Affiliates

AdSpy was created by Affiliates for Affiliates. What this means is AdSpy is specially attuned to affiliates’ needs. For this reason, you can effortlessly access your competitors ad campaigns and download any aspects you find useful including the ad itself, landing pages, graphics, and much more.

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4. Powerful Search and Filter Tool

Unlike all the other Ad Spy tools, AdSpy is in no way overwhelmed by the massive data it carries. In fact, AdSpy’s enhanced basic search and powerful filter can help you sift through millions of ads in a fraction of a minute.

AdSpy Pricing

AdSpy offers the simplest pricing ever. For a fixed subscription of $149 a month, you can access all AdSpy has to offer.

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AdSpy has proven time and again that it is the one and only go-to spy tool. If you have not yet joined the elite, get yourself an AdSpy subscription today and don’t forget to use our AdSpy Coupon.